2010 Linden Prize Winner Announced: The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop

June 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Second Life News

After receiving over 130 applications Linden Labs has  announced the 2010 Linden Prize winner: The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop. They have won  a $10,000 USD cash prize. Congratulations!

To read more about the Linden Prize, including criteria and eligibility, check out this link and the Linden Prize FAQs.

You can read more about all the finalists they felt exemplified the criteria of the Linden Prize below.

1)The Power of Story: Karuna and the Uncle D Story Quest
Submitted by: Jenaia Morane & Marty Snowpaw from the Karuna Project &Lorelei Junot from the Alliance Library System

2) The Library and Archives at NASA CoLab in Second Life
Submitted by: Archivist Llewellyn from NASA’s CoLab

3) The Nonprofit Commons in Second Life
Submitted by: Glitteractica Cookie from Nonprofit Commons

4) Open University: A Third Place in Second Life
Submitted by: Elsa Dickins from The Open University in Virtual Worlds

5) Play2Train
Submitted by: Moriz Gupte from Play2Train

6) sionChicken and sionCorn
Submitted by: Sion Zaius from Sion Labs

7) Skoolaborate: Engaging all Students for Learning
Submitted by: Westley Streeter from Skoolaborate

8) The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop
Submitted by: Agent Heliosense from Tech Virtual

9) Teaching, Research, Art, Architecture: The University of Western Australia (UWA)
Submitted by: Jayjay Zifanwe from the University of Western Australia

10) Virtual Helping Hands
Submitted by: Saxet Uralia from Virtual Helping Hands

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