SLentrepreneur Magazine

SLentreprenuer Magazine is a publication dedicated to business in the virtual world Second Life.
Created and conceived in January of 2008, the magazine seeks to present valuable content on all aspects of Second Life Industry. Sections include Second Life Profiles, News, Features, Second Life Traffic Report and the SLENTRE.COM FREE classifieds.

SL entrepreneur Staff

SL entrepreneur staff member, Avarie Parker

Avarie Parker, Publisher and Editor

Sl entrepreneur is a collaborative effort by an international team of Second Life residents. Avarie Parker is a real life web designer, social media and internet marketing specialist.  Have a suggestion for an article? Email avarie.parker@gmail.com.

SL entrepreneur staff member, Sigmund Leominster

Sigmund Leominster, Managing News Editor

Sigmund Leominster is a freelance writer and his articles can be found in a number of SL periodicals. As well as being an observer the world of business that SLentrepreneur magazine focuses on, he also writes on men’s style and human interest stories. His blog can be found at SL on SL (http://sigmundleominster.blogspot.com), where a link to his weekly podcast can also be found.

In RL, Siggy is VP of R&D for an international technology company, and writes and lectures on language and communication.

Compe Lockwood, SLentre.com Staff Writer

Compe Lockwood, Staff Writer

Compe Lockwood is a freelance writer with over 25 years of real life experience in journalism. He has worked for several real life newspapers and magazines and served as a feature writer and news reporter. His area of interests include business, people profiles, and the ins and outs of Second Life.
SL entrepreneur staff member, Cheyenne Palisades

Cheyenne Palisades, Staff Writer

SL entrepreneur staff member, Peter Stindberg

Peter Stindberg, Staff Writer and Translation Expert

Peter joined SL in October 2006 out of professional interest, but soon found the true value are the interesting people from all over the world and their unleashed creativity. Having a strong background in marketing and PR, Peter launched his translation and text-creation service bureau in summer of 2007, developing it into the premier service provider for language services and copywriting in SL. Peter joined SLENTRE.COM early on and contributes his experiences as freelance journalist and book author. Peter loves fashion and scripting, is married to SLENTRE.COM photographer Gina Glimmer and lives most of the time in his office at Beachwood if he is not modeling or exploring Second Life. Peter’s blog can be found here – http://stindberg.blogspot.com

SL entrepreneur staff member, Gina Glimmer

Gina Glimmer, Staff Photographer

Rezzed on 11/11/06 at Ahern, Gina has been active in different roles such as newbie mentoring, counseling and training, before starting a carreer as professional photographer early September ‘07 – rooting on several years of photographic experience in RL. As owner and founder of Glimmer’s Gaze Photography she has work on display in several galleries in SL as well as on sale on SL Exchange and OnRez. Gina’s main focus is on architectural landscapes and human avatar besides a variety in themes of freelance photographic work. She is also available for custom work such as profile pictures or fashion shots.
Gina loves Italy and her husband, and walking barefoot most of the time is her hallmark.

Draxtor Despres, Reporter and Videographer

Draxtor Despres, Reporter and Videographer

Draxtor Despres is a hardworking journalist, filing for a variety of outlets.
His weekly SL reports are highly regarded as the premiere showcase for what this world has to offer and his stories on Virtual Guantanamo or the William Gibson appearance in SL have earned Draxtor invitations on many a panel discussions. He recently started his own production company http://www.draxtor.com and delivered promotional machinima for clients such as Manpower Inc., Dresdner Bank and Warner Brothers. When the sun sets though, he can often be found behind a piano or strumming his guitar, which was handmade in Ludwigsburg, Deutschland.

SL entrepreneur staff member, PrinterBrian Dowd

PrinterBrian Dowd, Staff Writer and Advisor

President of Semper International, (http://www.semperllc.com/) a full service niche staffing firm focused on the print, graphics and interactive media industries. Regan helped finance his degree from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles by running a printing press, a skilled gained from his family business. . As a struggling musician—a guitarist—on the West Coast, Regan supplemented his income by continuing to run a press, ultimately becoming a pressroom manager. In 1996, Regan joined Printstaff (now Semper International, opening an office in San Francisco and overseeing West Coast operations. He ultimately moved to Boston, where he became President focusing on strategic positioning and managing the recruitment process, overseeing hiring and training, skills testing, and conducting statistical analyses to measure success. He also helps manage the company’s sister company, Printworkers.com, the print industry’s leading job board. As a forward-thinking visionary, Brian has been a speaker and contributor of articles on the subject of the staffing challenges facing the graphic arts industry and recruitment using Virtual Worlds. Parlaying his interest and intuitive learning skills developed from video games, Brian is a member of the IDGA, and is actively consulting firms in the business merits of building a presence in Virtual Worlds such as Second Life. Regan brought Semper into Second Life and in early 2007 making it the first staffing firm to open an office for recruiting purposes.

SL entrepreneur staff member, Shava Nerad

Shava Nerad, Staff Writer

SL entrepreneur staff member, Vette DeCuir

Vette DeCuir, Staff Writer and Fashion Industry Expert

SL entrepreneur staff member, Cybergrrl Oh

Cybergrrl Oh, Staff Writer and Columnist

Cybergrrl Oh is a seasoned business reporter in both her First Life and Second Life. She is a regular contributor to SLNN.com covering real world businesses in SL. In FL, she covers women’s business issues for Entrepreneur magazine, WomenEntrepreneur.com, and Entrepreneur Mom on WorkItMom.com among many others as well as a tech blogger on WebWorkerDaily.com. Her personal blog can be found at http://cybergrrloh.blogspot.com/.
SL entrepreneur staff member, Feldspar Epstein

Feldspar Epstein, Staff Writer

Feldspar Epstein is a jack-of-all-trades. Programming, blogging, fashion design and music have been her main occupations for 2008. She thoroughly enjoys her work researching and blogging about Virtual Worlds. She joined SLentre.com in late 2008, and also writes for other Virtual World blogs.
Follow her on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/feldspar

SL entrepreneur staff member, Seikatsu Koba

Seikatsu Koba, Staff Photographer

Seikatsu joined SL on March 16, 2007, and began playing withSL photography shortly after becoming a resident, but it wasn’t until September2007 that she started making my work public. She also teaches English as a Second Language at ESL SL; ajob that she finds challenging, fun, and most of all, very rewarding.

SL entrepreneur staff member, Miss Bonde

Miss Bonde, Staff Writer and Photographer

Miss Bonde is a real life designer living on the West Coast. She has a passion for good design, photography and the latest technology.

SL entrepreneur staff member, Seikatsu Koba

Billy Laffer, Staff Writer

In world, I am Billy Laffer, Executive Director of Laffer Designs, a successful (by my definition) prefab home design business.