Happy Birthday Second Life! Week Long Celebrations for SL’s 6th Birthday Begin June 23rd

June 23rd, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News, SL Entrepreneur Magazine

Today marks the start of a week’s worth of celebrations honoring Second Life’s 6th year in business. The birthday celebration will last a week but the impressive resident exhibits will remain open for an additional week. The party will include events, guest speakers and musical performances. Second Life co-creator, Phillip Linden, will be delivering the opening and closing keynotes for the event.

Map of the 20 regions dedicated to Second Life's 6th Birthday Celebration.

(Map of the 20 regions dedicated to Second Life’s 6th Birthday Celebration.)

The theme of this year’s birthday is “The Future of Virtual Worlds.” Linden Lab has set aside 20 regions for the birthday celebration, and residents are building their visions of  future virtual worlds to share with event attendees.  Exhibitors will try to answer such questions as:

­ Where will virtual worlds be in 5, 10 or 100 years?
How will virtual worlds work?
How will they look?
How will they be part of everyday life?
How will we learn, socialize and evolve in them?
How will they affect your beliefs and be affected by your actions?

Celebration publicist, Baz Ceawlin, poses in front of the events main stage.

(Celebration publicist, Baz Ceawlin, poses in front of the event’s main stage on the SL6B sim.)

Publicity team member, Baz Ceawlin, explained that the entire event was organized by community volunteers. When asked why residents should attend the event, he had this to say:

“There are several reasons. They may come to hear what Philip Linden has to say about the this event and the “Future of Virtual Worlds.” They may come for the wide variety of live entertainment or DJ’s which will be featured around the clock here for a week. But I really hope they come to see what the exhibitors have put together as their own interpretation of what virtual worlds might bring in the future.”

The exhibits include projects like The Cyber Octopus – pictured below. This fascinating build represents SL residents’ creativity and dedication. The Cyber Octopus team even put together a video to acompany their exhibit, which can be viewed here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Mk4WpcrYXw.

The Cyber Octopus exhibit put together by a team of SL residents in honor of SL's 6th birthday.

(The Cyber Octopus exhibit put together by a team of SL residents in honor of SL’s 6th birthday.)

The online event  calendar will be continually updated throughout the week. It lists all of the main events along with locations, times and SLurls. Many events will also be listed in Second Life Event Search, but it will be impossible to list them all.

Event Calendarhttp://tr.im/SL6Bevents

Important Event Dates:

June 23 – Gates open!
June 23 – 10 AM SLT, opening remarks by Philip Linden, Main Stage
June 23 – 11 AMSLT Main Stage, Music by Mankind Tracer
June 29 – 11 AM SLT, Closing remarks by Philip Linden, Main Stage
June 30 – Final day of entertainment
July 6 – Gates close

Event Information Resources:

Official SL6B Events Calendar –  http://tr.im/SL6Bevents
Official SL6b Exhibitor List – http://tr.im/SL6Bexhibits
SL6B Wiki page – http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/SL6B
The Dallier’s Hope Messenger – http://dalliershope.wordpress.com/

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