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Marketing, Public Relations and Strategies for business, people and products.  With a vast amount of experience at their finger tips the Virtual Talent team was realized by Zya Savira (founder) after she succeeded as a model, DJ, club owner and RL business owner. With a Masters degree in International Policy she brings about strategies and solutions for RL/SL success.
A key tool in any endeavor involves people, and more people. Virtual Talent is in the people business and leverages super networking to help clients realize their own dreams in Second Life. Clients range from the who’s who to the up and coming.


Welcome in MOOLTO

Moolto, the exclusive social network designed for the avatar, is now available to the citizens of Second Life. Following a similar model to Facebook or Myspace, Moolto is made for the virtual world. Personal pages can be created, allowing an avatar to share photos, videos and musings of the day in the life of your avatar. Without the need or ability to access Second Life, you can use Moolto to list your friends, leave or receive messages or have real time chat in either public or private rooms. Counting on your personal Blog, you will now have the space to share your sensibility, creativity and your experiences with your friends of the virtual world.

Moolto was created at the requests of millions of avatars that live in the cyberspace. Join by visiting the link for free access.  All that is needed is first and last name of your avatar to start immediately and meet new friends and stay in touch with old friends. Thousands have already joined within a few weeks of Moolto’s opening.

If you are a business owner or a real estate broker, Moolto offers you visibility to advertise your island, your group, your shopping area, your events; even your available employment opportunities.  This is a perfect platform to showcase your brand and services to a new host of potential consumers or clients.

Want to experience more? Go Moolto.

slbiz2life Slentre Sponsor

SLBiz2Life – Second Life advertising services

SL Business Directory (SLBiz2Life) offers  ways to promote and advertise your business in Second Life, starting with traditional ad boards and web banners on to unique opportunities: Guaranteed Visitors, Picks Booster, and analytic tools.

Originally developed as an advertising department of Earn2Life (, SLBiz2Life has quickly developed into  a separate advertising network which unites more than two thousands active advertisers and publishers. The SLBiz2Life advertising programs currently cover all promotional aspects a business owner needs to ensure achieving a successful business: starting from initial business promotion (such as obtaining  real and active visitors and raising parcel traffic values) up to advertising business in SL Search by raising it to the first positions within the search.

Get the real visitors delivered, gather the residents’ picks (favorites), advertise your business by joining  Ad Fusion network, the world-wide ad-board advertising technology with pay-per-click payments. Stay informed about your business daily statistics: visitors, SL Search position – you can do everything with the SL Business Directory!

List your business for free at SLBiz2Life right now:

Midnight Reflections: Relax, Explore Play in Second Lifes Playground

In a place far away… Under the stars… Where the people are friendly… And the scent of romance fills the air. Go ahead… Immerse yourself in our world.   We dare you…

Inspiration cove

With our lush tropical setting, exquisite shops, dancing, music, peaceful spots for lounging and relaxing, and even places to expand your knowledge and catch up on current events, you could spend hours strolling our paths and seeing everything we have to offer. Our shopping village is full of beautiful and useful merchandise for the home, garden, and avatar, and you can often catch a lively event at the SOUL Lounge. We even offer romantic picnics in any setting you choose on the magic blanket located in our beautiful lagoon!

Whatever you’re looking for, you are sure to find it here. Come visit us at Inspiration Cove, and see what inspires you!

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