Second Life Business : “Women in Biz” by Cybergrrl Oh

March 19th, 2008  |  Published in SL Business, SL Entrepreneur Magazine  |  8 Comments

by Cybergrrl Oh


Second Life Business Woman and Entrepreneur Kay Lavessuer

Introducing…Kay Levasseur

Being a serial entrepreneur can present some challenges, but SL business owner Kay Levasseur makes it look easy.

“I have been an entrepreneur for years, and with that carries the skill of extreme multi-tasking along with a pinch of insanity,” says Levasseur who owns a voice talent company, an architecture and building management firm (Vought-Levasseur Building, which she co-owns with her RL husband and SL partner), and Virtual talent, an in-world talent agency.

Her First Life

In her First Life, Levasseur owns and operates a health club and is a professional voice talent.

Says Levasseur, “Any given day, you will find me at the front desk of the health club on my laptop, working on online projects from Second Life businesses to voice auditions. When it comes time for recording, you might find me in the yoga studio at the club with a microphone in my hand, utilizing my portable set-up, at home in my professional studio or at the local radio station, where I’ve worked for over 11 years.”

Talk about multi-tasking!

Levasseur says that time management helps her – to a point.

“Sometimes you just have to devote your time to the project that is calling your emotional and/or intellectual energy,” says Levasseur. “I’ve found that my work in other areas is just not productive if my mind is on some other idea that needs to be worked out.” She adds that her days are long, and her time off is priceless.

The Good Stuff

Some business achievements Levasseur has had in-world include landing a first tenant before the building she and her husband jointly own was even completed. The tenant took not one, but three spaces, giving Levasseur a boost of confidence. Another milestone was getting a booking for a corporate level machinima within her first two weeks in SL.

Her Bottom Line

Levasseur acknowledges that the SL economy is still evolving so she is doing work for “pennies on the dollar” in SL–something she would never do in her First Life.

Says Levasseur, “I think and hope, as more business people find their way into SL, that will change.”

Her initial in-world investment was $50US, and she is now generating enough revenue in SL to keep her business afloat. And buy a few nice outfits.

“I am still earning my living via my RL efforts. However, I’ve made some very good connections in SL that have translated into RL work. Ideally, SL and RL will be intergrated parts of my businesses,” she says.

Advice from the Front Lines

Levasseur gives this advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

1. Understand that your avatar is an extension of you. Don’t let your avatar do anything that you wouldn’t do as a real person. If you must, get another avatar.

2. Write a business plan for each business. Even if its simple, know what your goals are, who your customers are, determine a marketing plan, set up hours when you will work your business.

3. Learn about Intellectual Property Rights.

4. Remember, behind every avatar, no matter what it looks like, is a human being and potential customer or business partner. Treat them as such.

5. Attend business meetings, classes, seminars, etc. You will learn a lot and meet like-minded people.

SL Women in Biz is a twice-monthly column. If you or an SL woman you know would like to be featured, send a brief pitch to cybergrrloh AT gmail DOT com.


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