Second Life Machinima: Draxtor Despres Dispatches from the Fatherland Part II

August 4th, 2010  |  Published in Second Life Machinima Video Reports

Draxtor is visiting his roots but can’t help pondering issues of avatars, virtual worlds, the global village with its interconnectivity and how the revolution of 3D worlds is affecting us all!

About Draxtor Despres

Bernhard Drax writes music for TV, commercials and feature film. His orchestral score for the Disney romantic comedy “Sommer” gained critical acclaim in Germany as the film remained among the top ten for 4 consecutive months this year. In the virtual world “Second Life,” he creates machinima reports on social and political issues. He recently started his own production company – – and he delivered promotional machinima for clients such as Manpower Inc., Dresdner Bank and Warner Brothers. Bernhard studied composition at the Richard-Strauss Conservatory in Munich Germany and audio engineering at the University of California at Los Angeles. He lives on the Central Coast of California with his wife and son.

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