Second Life News: Air France-KLM meets their shareholders in Second Life

November 25th, 2008  |  Published in Second Life News  |  1 Comment

Air France-KLM invites its shareholders to discover a new space in Second Life dedicated to information and dialogue concerning the financial life of the Group.
In creating this “island in the sky”, ( Air France-KLM wants to provide a new platform where shareholders can meet, share information and get updates on the latest financial news from the Group, thanks to a wide range of documents available to them there:

  • An interactive library containing the Group’s most recent financial publications
  • Interactive 3D stock market information
  • A space dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • A virtual auditorium for interactive meetings where they can view presentations and videos of the Group’s financial results
  • A “lounge” where they can consult a photo library and corporate videos
  • The Air France Museum, with scale models and posters from Air France and KLM

“The Second Life universe gives our shareholders a place to learn about the Group and
exchange information and ideas in a convivial, interactive environment. As they discover the
different spaces, visitors understand the assets that have made Air France-KLM the leader in
Europe and worldwide, and will enable it to emerge stronger from the current extremely
difficult period,” declared Jean-Cyril Spinetta, Chairman of Air France-KLM.

The “Air France-KLM island” designed for the Group’s shareholders is unique in concept, and
proposes an innovative channel for financial communication that allows them to dialogue “in
world”, and to learn about the Group’s strategic orientations and plans as well as prospects for
growth thanks to forums organized on a regular basis.
The space will take visitors, known as “Residents”, on a high-flying tour through the different
structures that are open to them, powered by their special “jetpack”. The first users will benefit
from a “freebie”. A “hub” system will let them navigate rapidly from one building to another.
The space which is above all designed for shareholders is also open to members of the
general public wanting to learn more about the Air France-KLM Group. All information
provided on the island is in both French and English.

More information and images available here:

Air France Press Department KLM Corporate Communications
Brigitte Barrand/Marina Tymen
Tel: + 33 (0)1 41 56 56 00 Tel: +31 (0) 20 6494545

About The Build

Air France-KLM asked to design and build its island in Second Life.
On the dedicated Website at, you will find an introduction by
Jean-Cyril Spinetta, a video presentation of the island, and a slide show and documents
that can be downloaded.
All this information can also be accessed at


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