Second Life News: Da Vinci Isle Presents the Fractal Art of Mirja Bonetto

July 7th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News

Da Vinci Isle Art Galleries proudly presents “Swing with lucent color” –  a wonderful exhibition featuring the fractal art by German artist Mirja Bonetto. These works of art play with light intensities and colors, making this a bright “feel good” experience. The exhibition is open to the public from July 1st through July 27th, and will feature multiple events including live music performances and poetry readings.Da Vinci Isle presents Mirja Bonetto in it's second life art gallery.

German artist Mirja Bonetto has a great deal of experience in painting. She has worked with all kinds of materials and she recently discovered the possibilities offered in digital mediums. She began by trying out different kinds of software and exploring their possibilities.

In the “Swing with lucent color” exhibition, Mirja takes visitors by the hand and shows them her explorations into this new medium. She plays with color variations and light intensities, resulting in a “feel good” exhibition of wonderful fractal art works.

The exhibition lasts from July 1st till July 27th 2009, and can be visited at Da Vinci Isle Art Galleries, Hall 1 ( Vinci Isle/176/189/34/). During this time, there will be a live music performance by Torben Asp and a poetry reading by several known SL poets.

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