Second Life News: Manhattan Group Begins Active Recruiting in Second Life

May 19th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News  |  1 Comment

Manhattan Group, a recruitment company specializing in hospitality jobs, has been around in Second Life for about a year. After introducing a “passive” office simply designed to showcase their services, they have redesigned their office and are now actively recruiting in Second Life.

Manhattan Group’s CEO John Ortner (Johng Baxter in-world) has always been keen on using modern media for business purposes. Examples include the company’s blogs, website, twitter stream and Facebook pages. For some time now, Manhattan Group also had an office in Second Life, displaying their services to potential customers and offering a job kiosk for job seekers.

In early May 2009 they decided it was time to go a step further, and beginning this week (May 19), they’ll be actively recruiting within Second Life. Together with media/marketing consultant Philippe Pascal (ppmediadev Blinker in-world), they redesigned their Second Life office at Da Vinci Isle,  and will be displaying several new listings each week for jobs all over the world.

Visitors can read the listings on display in the virtual office. By clicking the display, they are forwarded to a page where they can immediately apply for the job. Besides this option,
Manhattan Group organizes “office hours” every Friday. During these office hours, Manhattan Group consultants will be online and available in the office, allowing people to introduce themselves to the recruiters and talk about the job listings displayed in the office and on the website.

Manhattan Group also plans on organizing job events in Second Life in the near future. Information on these events will be available in the Manhattan Group office in Second Life. People looking for careers in hospitality services can come over to or visit the Manhattan Group website at

For more information about Manhattan Group and their services, please feel free to
contact John Ortner ( For more information about the
Second Life office or Da Vinci Isle, please feel free to contact Philippe Pascal (


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