Second Life News: “Stone Canoe” Reception Highlights Upstate NY Artwork in SL

January 28th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News

A “Mixed Reality” assemblage of the best art being done in Upstate New York from established to emerging artists. Thirty in all, in one location, to replicate in Second Life a parallel Real Life show with the same art from the awards-winning Stone Canoe Arts Journal. Show curated by Gail Hoffmann – courtesy of Delevan Art Gallery, Standing Stone Gallery in Second Life, and Syracuse University.

DATE: Saturday, 31st January, 2009
TIME: 2:30pm – 4:30pm PST
LOCATION: Standing Stone Art Gallery, Da Vinci Isle Sim


STONE CANOE ARTS JOURNAL RECEPTION will be held January 31st at the Delevan Art Gallery in Real Life and Standing Stone Gallery in Second Life. “Stone Canoe,” now three years old, is an annual award-winning 400-page Journal of Arts and Ideas from Upstate New York.

This year’s launch will be held in “Mixed Reality.” The Delevan Art Gallery in Syracuse, New York expects a crowd of 250 university and community leaders and journal contributors, including 60 poets and writers and 30 visual artists. The Standing Stone Gallery in Second life expects a crowd of 50 well-known members of the virtual worlds art community.

Robert Colley is Editor of the Stone Canoe Arts Journal and Associate Dean at University College of Syracuse University, which is sponsoring the launch party. In Second Life he is known as Stonecanoe Smythe and he is the Curator of Standing Stone Gallery in Da Vinci Isle Sim.

Colley states, “I want this year’s opening to be mixed reality to simultaneously showcase Upstate New York to Second Life and Second Life to Upstate New York. The mission of Stone Canoe, my university journal, is to introduce the world to the richness of the upstate arts scene. I see Second Life as an extension of that to give our upstate artists and writers more international exposure. Standing Stone Gallery is a Second Life presence of Syracuse University, helping to fulfill the university’s mission of ‘scholarship in action.'”

“In order to do that, I have to educate the upstate arts scene to the potential of the 3D internet, virtual worlds and Second Life. I have to show them its capabilities, its limitations, its unique advantages as a medium of art.”

(“Classmates,” Roger Shimomura, acrylic on canvas)

Over the last few years, there have been several “mixed reality” art launches using Second Life as a complementary platform. This launch is distinguished by the regional art represented and the scope of artistry displayed. Work by thirty different artists will be showcased, including established artists such as Roger Shimomura and emerging artists such as John Fitzsimmons.

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