Dutch Touch Creator Iki Ikarus, “It’s cool to get an IM from someone who’s enthusiastic about my work!”

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By Avarie Parker

Iki Ikarus has been designing amazing Second Life clothing for over 2 years and her experience shows. Her work is unique in its attention to detail and cutting edge style. All of her pieces are wearable on their own as well as capable of being mixed and matched with other Second Life designs. The Dutch Touch main store is truly a delight to visit – and Iki herself is just as delightful. In fact, our staff photographer, Gina Glimmer, went out of her way to let me know that “She’s such a nice person and she looks exactly like her models”.

Creator and Owner of Dutch Touch, Iki Ikarus, poses in front of her new designs.

(Creator and Owner of Dutch Touch, Iki Ikarus, poses in front of her new designs.)

Iki was generous enough to take the time to answer some questions for SLENTRE.COM about her business in Second Life.

How long have you been in SL? Why did you come?

I first logged in November 2006 after seeing a documentary about Second Life on our national television. I was fascinated by the fact that players of Second Life built this virtual world themselves and I was curious if I had the skills to learn how to operate in this virtual world myself.

What Second Life business activities do you engage in?

I have my own store called DUTCH TOUCH and together with the creators of Maitreya, a brand called MAiiKI.

How did you get started designing clothing in SL?

It was my idea to create clothing from the start. So the first couple of months I explored, did some research, and learned how to use the templates. With the help and support of a SL friend named Willow, I opened a small store at Willow Island. The first couple of months I hardly sold anything, but I gave away a lot to my SL friends – who were very enthusiastic and supported me to keep going. After some months, I moved to Willow Beach, bought a piece of land and built some rental homes to finance the cost of land owning. On this parcel, I also settled the main store for DT. Over time, I was able to buy more parcels and I now own the whole region. But I didn’t change the name. In homage to Willow, I kept the name.

Iki, Owner of Dutch Touch, surveys her beautifully designerd Second Life clothing store.

(Iki, Owner of Dutch Touch, surveys her beautifully designed Second Life clothing store.)

What is your RL profession? Are you a RL designer?

My education is Art Direction for all kinds of media. I work as an independent creative entrepreneur in RL. I mainly developed and created websites, logos, packaging designs and visuals. But I also had assignments as a mural painter, set and window dresser, and decorator.

Does your RL style match your clothing line in SL?

Yes, mostly.

Discuss your SL Business, Business model, profit margin. Who are your primary clients, monthly fees, etc.?

It is hard to investigate primary clients and profit margins at SL because most of the people are anonymous. I only know they are from all around the world – from Japan to Brazil – which is fascinating and inspires me to spend almost all my time creating and developing more. It is so cool to receive an IM from someone from the other side of the planet who is enthusiastic about my work! As for profit margins, I hope that when I create and release new things for my store, they will sell long enough to compensate the time I spend on creating. Some pieces do, some don’t.

Iki Ikarus poses in front of one of her latest designs, one price tag but 5 different looks.

(Iki Ikarus poses in front of one of her latest designs; one price tag with many different looks.)

Is your business growing?

Not sure, I hope so! My inventory certainly does.

Can you pay RL bills with your SL profits?


Does your SL business impact or influence your RL? Any RL skills translate into SL business?

Yes, it does have an impact and influence in my RL.

Which new SL designers do you think have potential?

Zaara. I love her work and I admire her eye for detail and feel for colouring. And she is a very pleasant personality too!

How long does it take you to create one of your amazing outfits?

Depends. It takes a couple of days to create a piece and generally a week or two for a complete outfit.

What is the most promising industry for new business in SL?

I can’t say because I haven’t recently watched the industry closely enough to conclude anything.

What types of businesses shouldn’t come into SL and why not?

Funeral businesses.

What is your opinion on RL business in SL? How will it effect the community?

Well, I see myself as a RL business in SL – only a very small one, and i think that is OK. I always want to stay personally attached, create with passion and care and cherish the people who support me and my work.

What are the biggest mistakes SL entrepreneurs make?

Selling stolen goods.

Any predictions about the future for SL? New technology? Growth? New potential uses?

Hard to say. Technology is developing fast. You never know what will happen tomorrow.

What does having a second life give you?

The opportunity to experience creative freedom.

Is there an element of fantasy or escape?

Of course!

Will SL change the landscape of business as we know it today? Will it change any landscape; cultural, social, etc.?

It is not easy to make a statement about something that is going to happen in the future, but I do think there will be changes. Everything is constantly changing as it survives.

Dutch Touch Main Store SLurl:


*All photos taken by Gina Glimmer. You can find more of Gina’s work at her Second Life shop, http://slurl.com/secondlife/Experience%20Italy%20W/179/30/29.


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