SL News: Linden Lab® Announce New Brand Center – Gearing For IPO?

March 26th, 2008  |  Published in Second Life News  |  3 Comments

SL Managing Editor, Siggy Leominster
By Sigmund Leominster

Early on Monday 24th March, 2008, Linden Lab’s official blog posted a link to their new Brand Center. Described as information on “how Residents can promote their own brands, products and activities in the Second Life world and use appropriate logos to enhance their message,” residents and journalists can now learn how to use Second Life® materials correctly.

For example, the familiar Eye-in Hand logo® (below) “may be used only by journalists or media outlets in or immediately adjacent to a published article, blog entry, or news program specifically about the Second Life world. No other use is allowed without Linden Lab’s written permission.” So SLentrepreneur can print the logo below as long as it appears within this article.

Second Life Logo

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However, it is not permitted to use “more than one Second Life Eye-in-Hand Logo in an article, blog entry, or news program.” So we cannot show you another Eye-in-Hand image.

Hot on the proverbial heels of comments about the move to select a new CEO from outside the company, there’s further evidence that Linden Labs is moving to become a more corporate entity. Protection of intellectual property, copyrights, and trademarks is a significant facet of the needs of a growing company. Despite the fact that in November 2006 Philip Rosedale, the then CEO, was quoted by Reuters as “not looking for a public share offering or a buy-out,” the recent changes suggest otherwise. In fact, the notion of an IPO was floated at the same time by the then VP of marketing, David Fleck, who said “We’re open to an IPO or a sale, whenever that occurs. But there’s no rush.” Clearly there was no rush then, but it looks as if Linden Lab is now starting to canter.

The next step will probably involve an announcement regarding the internal structure of the management team.  This will mean the creation of a new tier of VPs who report directly to the new CEO and who take direct reports from smaller units below. What we will be seeing through 2008 will be structural and process changes as a prelude to an IPO.

Just a guess.


  1. Mony Markova says:

    March 27th, 2008at 10:10 am(#)


    Hey Sig, seems like you could be opening the doors to some serious business insight reporting. A fresh window for common mortals (or more banneable avatars) like yours truly.

    If SL goes IPO, wow it would open a huge array of possibilities, with high complexity, the common citizen of course is what matters the most to us, because the commoner does not keep any shares or interests in LL. (Maybe to separate LL interest to SL interest is a way of looking at it).

    At the least the way I feel is that I whish all LL employees, associates and stockholders, many years of wealth, happines and prosperity as long as they dont mess with “my” SL experience and keep going on the technology challenges. A healthy and prosperous LL seems in the best interest of us all, hey LL was never founded as a communist company or sister of mercy.

    The great advantage would be the funds to support accelerated growth (all financial communities care about).

    As long as the new leadership of SL assures the openess culture (less control to LL more control to citizens) as an example by going forward into a more and more open platform, in their words “more like interenet”. And keep assuring people’s rights to their privacy yes an IPO move will mean expansion of the metaverse. Other directions seem to complex to bee seen clarly ate least by my poor 2cents brain. LL new leadesrhip will be on thin-ice assuring that IPO promises and super growth will not endanger the SL freedom and the very nature of the platform.

    What is some-what worrisome and you point out deep to the point, is that LL officers dont share a idea clear or had a slip-out mentioning a possible “sale”. What does that mean to the regular citizen! as you point a move towards a a more coporate organization seems on the future.

    Sig, and SLEentre please keep an eye on the new CEO, who is he/she, where does he/she come from… and specially what is on store for us commoners?

    Hey- So if I find a way to post another SL logo on your article, would YOU get banned?


  2. Sigmund Leominster says:

    March 27th, 2008at 11:13 am(#)


    An IPO does indeed offer the chance of a significant injection of capital. The skill is then working out where best to use it. Shareholders want returns on their investment and their interest in the users of SL is not so much about whether they “enjoy” it but whether they are prepared to pay for it – by maintaining monthly accounts, shuffling in-world Lindens, or owning land (server space). Of course, if folks are unhappy, they will just up and leave, which decreases revenue and makes shareholders unhappy too. And bear in mind that the new “Central Grid” is up and running, which is currently only showing a membership of about 1200 people but has the makings of being an OpenSource competitor to SL.

    SO in the short term, the period following an IPO is unlikely to be traumatic for average users. There may be a revaluation of the linden/dollar exchange rate, but if new cash gets tossed at improving stability and appearance (SL can never look too real!) then it should be a happy honeymoon.

    Like all honeymoons though, once it’s over, the LL Board of Directors and management team will have to map out a clear long-term strategy for SL that pleases both the investors and the users. And some of those investors may also be users – might be nice to offer some shares to SL folks at a low rate, if only to engender some sense of “ownership.”

    Thanks for the comments!

  3. Mony Markova says:

    March 27th, 2008at 2:03 pm(#)


    I love the idea of offering shares to citizens, in my seldom humble opinion, in fact enhances the sense of ownership. This is wild and SL is so interesting off-world as in world.

    There is a company called iLog that happens to build mathematical scenarios and run alternatives. LL hire them and Colin Powell to see your future!

    I happen to agree with you with that an IPO could be non-traumatic to the user, (mmmm exceuse me clients, yes we citizens are clients, specially premium-paying ones) if…

    LL provides clarity to all by continuing to explain itself has a “hosting” company, if this continues we all might find a way to second-live ever happy. (Mind not the bugs and keep it simple)

    So I see a very cautious LL regarding citizens affairs”all is fine is Second Land – full speed ahead!” and very agressive “bricks and mortar” Hosting powerhouse… Oh those guys have a challenge and I hope I am mistaken specially about a shy or “vanilla” citizen relationship programm (I dont buy much PR… you see).

    Tell us more of Central Grid, I dont know about it, can I tp there? Or what is the point if its separated from SL?

    Maybe some coffee in world Sig?

    P.S. Hey I got this crazy idea… if we citiziens buy enough shares, can be take over LL and SL? What would we do with it do – maybe get an IPO?