SL News: SL Art Auction to benefit Nonprofit Commons Project

March 30th, 2008  |  Published in Second Life News  |  2 Comments

By Avarie Parker

Glimmer’s Gaze Photography has organized a silent auction ending April 15th at noon SLT and the highest bidder will walk away with 8 unique images inspired by the work of RL artist Spencer Tunick. Examples of his work can be found here:

Gina Glimmer's Exhibit, Experience Italy Second Life

















(Image up for Auction on display on Experience Italy)


The images were staged on location at Second Life Experience Italy using 26 nude avatars with unique poses built by Peter Stindberg. The exhibit has been on display now for several months at the Experience Italy sim:

Auction Tip Jar, Second Life














To participate in the auction, simply place your donation in the tip jar by noon SLT April 15, 2008. The resident who has donated the largest sum will win all 8 images.

Nonprofit Commons Project sim in Second Life

All donations will benefit the Nonprofit Commons Project,, a community that promotes non-profit participation in Second Life. According to their website, the group aims “to lower the barriers of access to Second Life” and to “encourage a large community of nonprofit organizations to learn, grow and collaborate in this virtual world.”

Nonprofit Commons Project Directory

The organization owns 2 sims: Nonprofit Commons 1 on Plush Island and Nonprofit Commons 2 on Aloft Island. The islands host a total of 32 groups free of charge with a waiting list of others hoping to join the community. One such hosted group is The Global Movement for Peace:

Global Movement for Peace information hub

(Global Movement for Peace information hub on Plush Island)

The movement supports “the culture of peace” to “inspire the work of individuals, groups, organizations and institutions around the world whose actions correspond to those of the United Nations Declaration and Programme of Action for a Culture of Peace”.

About Nonprofit Commons Project

(Information compiled from Second Life Nonprofit Commons Project notecard)

The Nonprofit Commons is a nonprofits-only community office complex in Second Life. Nonprofit Commons real estate was generously donated by the Anshe Chung Studios and is managed by TechSoup and a group of volunteer residents. The group hopes to expand nonprofit access to Second Life. Qualified nonprofit residents will get access to a free nonprofit space in Second Life within the Nonprofit Commons complex. This complex will be the home of many future nonprofit fairs, conferences, and events. The location of the commons is at Plush Avenue SSW and can be found by searching Nonprofit Commons in the places tab.

For more information, visit: and please contact Glitteractica Cookie or Coughran Mayo in-world, or email


  1. Gina Glimmer says:

    March 31st, 2008at 8:20 am(#)

    A small note on the poses and credits. Some of the used poses were from freebie shops of which I’ve lost the origin.

    I also owe a thank you to the SL Photographer Group who has organized the 1st Spencer Tunick SL event. The Experience Italy event was the 2nd one in SL.

  2. Gina says:

    April 15th, 2008at 1:59 am(#)

    Due to rl circumstances I was forced to end the auction on April 14th, the same day on which I have left SL.

    ServMe Nakamura has made the largest donation and has received the images. The total of 10K has been paid to Glitteractica Cookie of Techsoup.

    All the best to the slentre team. I miss you all!