Second Life News: SL Shakespeare Company Performing “Twelfth Night”

November 12th, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

The SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC) will perform a full ensemble performance of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night: Act 1 in a special short-run advance as part of their Fall Season 2008 repertoire. Opening on SLSC Thursday, November 13th (following a “sneak peek” on November 12th), the full-length Act 1 is the first part of the culmination of […]

The Meta-Village SLENTRE.COM SL500 September Edition Download Available

October 1st, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Money

The Meta-Village SLENTRE.COM SL500 August Edition Download Available

September 4th, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Traffic Report

The SLENTRE.COM SL500 June Edition Download Available

July 2nd, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Traffic Report, SLENTRE.COM Updates

SLentrepreneur Magazine subscribers can now download the latest report here – The number of total visits in June increased slightly from 21,086,174 to 21,641,542 . No official word on when Linden Labs will be changing the way they rank SL location popularity.

Second Life News: Grand Opening of New Nonprofit Island May 28th

May 28th, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

By Khrys Kanto Nonprofit ventures are not only alive and well in Second Life; they’re thriving. The Grand Opening of Aloft Nonprofit Commons takes place Wednesday, May 28th, and this will mark the second island launched by, an organization exclusively serving nonprofits and NGOs.

Second Life News: Real Life Concert Brought to Second Life May 27

May 21st, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

By Shava Nerad On Tuesday, May 27th, Boston NPR radio affiliate station WGBH 89.7 will bring the phenomenal pianist Jeremy Denk into Second Life® to perform a live concert, in ‘GBH’s Boston studios, onto the web, and streamed into SL — and SL Entrepreneur will be reporting live from Boston and in Second Life.

Second Life News: Linden Labs Considering Changing Popularity Stats

May 1st, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

By Avarie Parker According to a recent post from Reuters entitled ‘New SL site rankings may signal end to camping’, Linden Labs executive, Jeska Dzwigalski, has acknowledged that the current ranking system is ineffective. “It is clear that the current Traffic system is not an effective means of determining the success or popularity of a […]