Second Life News: Linden Lab Debuts ‘Nebraska’, A Behind-the-Firewall SL Platform

November 3rd, 2009  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

Linden Labs will be unveiling their latest enterprise-level product, Nebraska, at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference and inworld on the Metanomics Main Stage. “Nebraska” is the much-anticipated behind-the-firewall solution which will allow enterprise to host their own virtual world environments within their organizations. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th at 11:00 am – 12:00 […]

Second Thoughts On Second Life: Honest Abe is Alive Again in Land of Lincoln

May 6th, 2009  |  by  |  published in Real Life in Second Life

by Compe Lockwood “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth – the Internet!” Okay Abraham Lincoln never said that. But he can today. Just ask his avatar. (Abe Lincoln in Second Life with SLENTRE reporter CompE Lockwood.) Honest Abe is alive again in Land of Lincoln; Second Life’s sim of artifacts, documents […]

Second Life News: Linden Lab’s Changes To Adult Content Angers Residents

March 18th, 2009  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

by Avarie Parker On March 12, 2009, Linden Labs announced they were taking steps to protect residents from unsolicited adult content. The lengthy post by Cyn Linden discusses the motivation behind the upcoming changes and what steps are likely to be taken.  Citing the desire to give SL residents more ‘control’ over their second lives, […]

Second Life News: Linden Lab Goes Shopping, Buys Virtual Goods Marketplaces to Integrate Web Shopping with Second Life

January 21st, 2009  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

San Francisco, CA – Linden Lab®, creator of the virtual world Second Life®, announced a key milestone in its expansion of the Second Life platform: acquiring two Web-based marketplaces for virtual goods, Xstreet SL and OnRez. These acquisitions join several other recent strategic initiatives, including enhancements to the experience for new users, which will enable […]

Second Life News: Linden Lab® Price Rises for Openspace Sim Owners Causes Outrage

October 29th, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

By Sigmund Leominster, News Editor A recent blog post by Jack Linden announcing price changes for the owners of Openspace sims is causing anger and outrage among some Second Life™ residents. According to him, the reason for needing to raise prices is because “…based on analysis performed in August and September, Openspaces are being used […]

The Meta-Village SLENTRE.COM SL500 September Edition Download Available

October 1st, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Money

The Meta-Village SLENTRE.COM SL500 August Edition Download Available

September 4th, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Traffic Report

SLENTRE.COM Celebrates 6 Month Milestone

July 23rd, 2008  |  by  |  published in SLENTRE.COM Updates

Dear Readers, July finds SLENTRE.COM celebrating our 6 month milestone.

The SLENTRE.COM SL500 June Edition Download Available

July 2nd, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Traffic Report, SLENTRE.COM Updates

SLentrepreneur Magazine subscribers can now download the latest report here – The number of total visits in June increased slightly from 21,086,174 to 21,641,542 . No official word on when Linden Labs will be changing the way they rank SL location popularity.

Second Life News: Mark Linden’s Keynote, What Did We Learn About Kingdon’s Kingdom?

July 2nd, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life News

By Sigmund Leominster, News Editor On Monday 23rd June, 2008, Mark Kingdon, the new CEO of Linden Lab®, gave his first public speech to the citizens of Second Life™. Some of his comments might provide us with a glimpse of what is happening and what is to come at LL. “We are at a really […]