Final Month To Nominate SLentrepreneur of the Year 2008

October 8th, 2008  |  Published in SLENTRE.COM Magazine Feature Articles

SLENTRE.COM accepting nominations through October, Second Life residents must submit their candidates no later than Nov 01, 2008.

Slentrepreneur magazine(, an online journal devoted to covering Second Life business ventures and individuals, is still seeking nominations for the “Slentrepreneur of the Year” award ( The award recognizes one individual best exemplifying extraordinary Second Life business achievement, innovation, Second Life money-making, and overall entrepreneurial spirit. All Second Life entrepreneurs and residents are encouraged to nominate your favorite candidate.

Avarie Parker, Slentrepreneur magazine founder and editor, explains that “the Slentrepreneur of the Year Award was my news editor, Sigmund Leominister’s, idea. I immediately fell in love with the concept. SLENTRE.COM has profiled a dozen or so SL entrepreneurs focusing on how they manage to grow and maintain successful SL businesses and it seems important to recognize those SL success stories. I also love the idea of letting Second Life residents nominate and vote on the winner. It’s still not too late to nominate someone for the award – you can even nominate yourself! Just shoot me an email and we will set-up an interview. There are many viable REAL LIFE businesses thriving in SL – it’s not all just sex and shopping. I think it’s important that SL finally shed that stigma.”

Eligible candidates are to be drawn from those Second Life entrepreneurs profiled at Slentrepreneur ( during the year 2008. The nomination process simply involves sending an email with your candidate’s name to Avarie Parker at, along with a photograph (optional), and a brief but detailed description of why your candidate deserves to be recognized. Slentrepreneur magazine is still presenting profiles and additional nominees can be suggested by sending your nomination by November 1, 2008.

A list of current nominees can be found at After nominations close on November 1, 2008, Second Life residents will be able to vote for a final winner from the list of profiled entrepreneurs and this winner will be announced by the end of 2008.

Slentrepreneur magazine recommends a variety of criteria for nominating and determining an eventual winner. These include Second Life entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, personal leadership and integrity, financial performance, strategic direction, and the candidate’s overall impact within Second Life business as a whole. The winner will receive the title “Slentrepreneur of the Year 2008,” and will be honored with a full-length feature in Slentrepreneur magazine ( The winner will also receive a complimentary sponsorship ‘standard’ package for the year 2009 and the winner’s Second Life business link and basic information will be featured on the magazine’s Sponsors page (

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