Metaverse Broadcasting Company (MBC) Premieres Innovative New Content Channels Via Metaverse TV

January 14th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News

Metaverse TV [], a subsidiary of the Metaverse Broadcasting Company (MBC), announces the global premiere of two brand new cutting edge virtual TV channels; Torleyvision and Torleyvision, an interactive collection of Torley’s Second Life tutorial videos, is currently up and running. Torleyvision is primarily learning-focused and MBC encourages SL residents to contribute content to the channel’s already rapidly expanding library of tutorial videos., a forward-looking content partner focused on short-form comedic experimentation, is bridging the gaps between content mediums and creating a new media landscape where virtually anything is possible. should be premiering within the next few days with a corresponding launch party. Stay tuned to for more info. To access these and any of MBC’s other programs, simply pick up a free television set from the Metaverse Media Store, click the Update button on the menu, and engage.

Robustus Hax, MBC CEO, suggests that “live TV streamed in to Second Life has been extremely limited thus far. Programming has been short-sighted and, all too often, notably bland. MBC aims to intensify your viewing experiences by continuing to add many more innovative and experimental content channels like Torleyvision and”
Metaverse Broadcasting Company is a consortium of creative and driven individuals using Virtual World technology to construct an engaged and global audience. Metaverse TV is an internet television station covering news and current events as well as contributing original story-driven content entirely based in Second Life and other virtual worlds. Metaverse TV broadcasts live as well as running archival streams, and with a listing on the ACE Stock exchange and a steadily growing number of viewers, MBC is the premier virtual-format news and entertainment provider.
“We have about 3000 viewers a week at the current moment,” says Robustus, “with about another 3500 in web views.” And as the station grows, MBC “will have a much larger assortment of programming to choose from – and we’ll be offering more and more new content on a daily basis instead of a weekly basis. We are also in the works to expand to the independent grids that are operating with the OpenSim software. The goal is to be fully functioning here in the virtual world with a central RL headquarters with full-time employees.”

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