Second Life News: Fabulous Fashion, New Show to Premiere on SLCN.TV Second Life

October 15th, 2008  |  Published in Second Life News

SLCN.TV in conjunction with Perfect World Productions debuted a new show on Monday, October 13th. Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington, a half hour television show featuring the fashion designers of Second Life, will be filmed and broadcast live on Mondays at 6pmSLT (PST).

Fabulous Fashion Host, Angie Mornington, discusses her Second Life SLCN.TV show

“Clothing designers serve an important role in Second Life, their designs allow Residents to wear the styles that best express how they choose to represent themselves,” said Host and Producer Angie Mornington. “People spend a largeamount of time customizing their avatars with the purchase of clothing, skins, hair,and accessories. With Fabulous Fashion,our goal is give viewers insight into the fashion industry from the designers point of view. We want to bring the designers from behind the runway and into your homes.”

Fabulous Fashion was created by Paisley Beebe, host of the highly popular SLCN show Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, and CEO of Perfect World Productions, the team that bring Tonight Live to over 20,000 viewers every week. Beebe serves as Executive Producer for Fabulous Fashion. “It took me all of 30 seconds on meeting Angie Mornington to start creating the show which is now Fabulous Fashion around her! She is one of the most Stylish people I know! and her bubbly smart personality is a huge asset to Perfect World Productions!”About Fabulous Fashion: Each week one designer will be interviewed by Angie Mornington, to talk about the success of their design career in Second Life. Viewers will get to see new releases and special previews from their some of their favorite designers. Our Accessories Stylist Daphne Abernathy will have a weekly segment featuring the hottest accessories that are currently out.Fabulous Fashion will be broadcast live on the SLCN.TV web site, on tens of thousands of video screens throughout Second Life and will be available as avodcast on iTunes.

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