Second Life News: Fashion Awards Accepting Nominations

May 7th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News  |  1 Comment

The Merovingi Fashion Awards (MFA) is known throughout the grid for being the preeminent Second Life fashion designer award for excellence in craftsmanship and creativity.  SL residents are invited to nominate their favorite designers in 5 categories by August 7th. Full instructions are included below.  Simply visit the Merovingi offices at

Nominations are being taken for 5 categories:

Best Vintage Fashion Label
Best Urban Fashion Label
Best Male and Female Fashion Label
Best New Fashion Label

Past year’s winners have included Edo Tone (Styles of Edo), Hyasunth Tiramisu (Silent Sparrow), Darklour Watanabe (Neko Gear), Pomp Bescati (SLAB Designs) and Kira Ahn (KA Designs).

SLENTRE Editor Avarie Parker casting her vote for the MFA 2009 Second Life fashion awards.

(SLENTRE Editor Avarie Parker casting her vote for the MFA 2009 Second Life fashion awards.)

Full Instructions

1. Click on an MFA Kiosk that has a green light.
2. The kiosk will ask you if you’re ready to start.
3. Click Begin.
4. The Kiosk will give you a short description of the first category and ask you to either enter your nomination in the open
channel or via a special channel if you don’t want others to hear your nomination.

NOTE!!! The script reads out each description line by line. So it might look like the Kiosk is typing a lot of things at once. Simply wait until the text stops rolling and read on.

5. Type in your nomination for the first category (Best Female Contemporary Fashion Label).
6. The Kiosk will repeat back to you what it heard. If this is not correct, please select NO and re-type your nomination for that category.
7. Next up is Best Male Contemporary Fashion Label.
8. After that comes Best Vintage Fashion Label.
9. Next is Best Urban/Neko Fashion Label
10. And finally, comes Best New Fashion Label.
11. Once you have nominated in the final category, the Kiosk will send your nominations to our server and inform you whether your entry was successful or not.

You have 2 minutes to nominate in EACH category, so don’t stress out. The Kiosk will read aloud the descriptions of each category to assist you as much as possible with the nomination process.

If the light on the Kiosk is RED, the kiosk is used by someone else or is offline.
Information typed out by the Kiosk is typed so only YOU can hear it!
To nominate through the channel given to you by the Kiosk, simply type:
/channel number (i.e. /10) My nomination then hit enter.
So to nominate Joes Jeans on channel 10 would look like:
/10 Joes Jeans


  1. admin says:

    May 8th, 2009at 9:01 am(#)

    Dear Readers,

    Initially it was reported that the MFA nominations were concluding May 07, 2009. This was an error as the nominations are running throughout the summer actually ending August 07, 2009. Please be sure to cast your vote and stay tuned for more news on this exciting event.

    Avarie Parker