Second Life News: Free TV Friday From Hi-FIve

November 19th, 2008  |  Published in Second Life News  |  3 Comments

By Nicolo Luminos

HI-FIve™ (HIFI : SLCAPEX) is announcing today that for every avatar that comes to their Product Openhouse Friday November 21, they will give away a free television – no strings attached. The Free TV event is to take place at 2pm, 6pm and 8pm SLT.

“We believe in our product and we want all of you to see and test with your own eyes. Therefore, we will be giving away one free TV per avatar this Friday,” Tue Torok proclaimed today.
HIFI(SLCAPEX) is the brainchild of CEO Tue Torok, who previously incubated and successfully launched SLTronicsMedia (SLTM) – listed on the SL Capital Exchange in 2007 – and subsequently sold to MetaNetworkMedia.

“I have decided to re-enter the SL Capital Markets with a new product suite and will fully focus my energy on building a company that will do more than just sell SL televisions.” Torok said back in October 2008.

Since then, HIFI(SLCAPEX) has been working at a whirlwind pace to meet and exceed that goal.

Earlier this month, Torok announced that HIFI(SLCAPEX) had entered into a formal relationship with Blizzard Lands, an innovative scripting company, that has leapfrogged expectations for HI-FIve™ to reach full capacity by the time the IPO ends.

“Blizzard is behind the core technology in the systems,” Torok said today to SL-Newspaper.”Very talented people there.”

Torok revealed yesterday what the menu system will look like if things continue to move at the current pace.

After viewing the new menus, Radioactive Rosca praised Torok, “As usual, one more exceptional upgrade to your great TV equipment.”

Also indicating that his televisions will be reduced by 23 prims due to an advance in technology, Torok confirmed that Youtube would be available via the new menu, with search compatibility within the Youtube site. Also, Torok reinforced the fact that the internal Ad Network will be able to send out any advertising that HI-FIve™ chooses from remote locations, allowing for proactive monitoring and managing of the streaming content links provided within the systems. The HI-FIve™ AD Network system will allow HIFI(SLCAPEX) to leverage several different revenue opportunities.

All the content in the TV is currently fetched from various sites on the internet hosting the content. Future plans expect HIFI(SLCAPEX) to generate its own music videos and movies in order to be able to provide even more quality content. The new HI-FIve™ Premium Entertainment Console fully supports 16×9 wide-screen resolutions. HIFI(SLCAPEX) is developing support for MP-4 streams.

Torok has been in the news recently for recognition received regarding his being the Top Contributor for the Community Translation Project for Danish. HI-FIve™’s consulting business is also making in-roads with RL firms that are looking to make a presence in Second Life.

Regarding the events Friday November 21, the product demonstrations and question and answer sessions for consumers, shareholders and potential shareholders will take place at 2:00PM SLT, 6:00PM SLT and 8:00PM SLT.

Ideally the hope is that the free televisions will encourage consumers to test the product, and if satisfied, invest in the HIFI(SLCAPEX) IPO, which is still available for L$1.00 a share at the Second Life Capital Exchange.

The events will be taking place at HI-FIve™’s newly renovated product showroom at 2pm, 6pm and 8pm SLT at the following SLURL:


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