Second Life News: Linden Lab Debuts ‘Nebraska’, A Behind-the-Firewall SL Platform

November 3rd, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News

Linden Labs will be unveiling their latest enterprise-level product, Nebraska, at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference and inworld on the Metanomics Main Stage. “Nebraska” is the much-anticipated behind-the-firewall solution which will allow enterprise to host their own virtual world environments within their organizations.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4th at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PST and will include a panel with Mark Kingdon, Linden Lab’s CEO, Neil Katz, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Director IBM Virtual Spaces, CIO Office Innovation Initiatives, Steve Aguiar, Program Manager at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center’s (NUWC’s) Metaverse Strategic Initiative, and Douglas Maxwell, Program Technology Lead also at NUWC’s Metaverse Strategic Initiative.

Up for discussion are such important questions as: Are virtual worlds ‘ready for enterprise’? How is immersive media being used for training, communication and collaboration? Are there advantages to having virtual world platforms deployed behind enterprise firewalls? What are the lessons learned from leading companies and organizations? More event details can be found on the metanomics website.

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