Second Life News: MBC Opens New Dance Club This Friday

January 7th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News

by Avarie Parker

Metaverse Broadcasting is opening a new dance club dubbed Club Meta-Blaster. The grand opening celebration will be held this Friday, January 9th from 3-5pm SLT. The club host, Sienna Harris, hopes the club will quickly become a favorite hang-out for Second Life residents interested in meeting new people. “I am looking forward to helping you to make this be the kind of meet, greet and party place that you want to come to for your entertainment and socialization pleasures.”

The club will be housed on the roof of The M building in Metaverse City. The new host is open to any suggestions and feedback from the Second Life community and has even sent out a survey in hopes of meeting the needs of residents. If you would like to participate in the survey, just contact Sienna Harris in-world and she will provide you with the survey questions.

According to Dousa Dragonash, MBC news anchorwoman, there is no dress code for the grand opening party and residents should simply “DRESS TO PLEASE YOURSELF”. There will likely be a good crowd on hand Friday to introduce what is sure to be the new hottest club in town to the SL community.

Metaverse TV is owned and operated by CEO Robustus Hax, who was just nominated for SLENTRE.COM’s entrepreneur of the year 2008.

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