Second Life News: Open Source Interactive Objects Party, Saturday March 28th

March 25th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life News

Buckaroo announces immediate availability of 8 Open Sourced scripted objects, which are licensed under Creative Commons. There will be a release party on Saturday, March 28th at 2pm SLT, hosted by Bucky Barkley and Kim Trevellion. The party will take place at the Buckaroo store:

Gabrielle Riel of Radio Riel will be spinning Rockabilly. There will also be a surprise limited edition gift or two in store for guests!

The available scripted objects are:

– GiveHints – offers visitors info/items upon contact
– LMGiver – dispenses landmarks – dialog and chat interface
– Point To Point – absolute or relative intrasim teleport
– SimpleSlider – automatic slideshow that dispenses folder of notecards
– Slider – manual or automatic slideshow with per-texture options
– VidMon – per person video with dialog and chat interface
– VideoPoster – per person video with single movie defined in description
– WebMon – follows website links – dialog and chat interface

Another object will be announced on March 28th and will be immediately available.

Bucky Barkley says of the licensing: “I’m pleased to get my items out there. Many of them have been in wide use in the Info Island Archipelago since 2006, and my scripts can also be found in many objects for sale on SL. This is a way of refreshing the code base and giving back to the community. It’s also a means of showing the scripting part of my
portfolio, and I am open to doing some custom work.”

Lorelei Junot (Lori Bell of the Alliance Library System) says: “Bucky Barkley has
worked with the libraries on Info Island for the past 3 years, and has produced
many wonderful products he has generously allowed us to use. They have been innovative, wonderful educational products that would benefit anyone in education in Second Life”

More information about the objects follows:

* GiveHints 1.2
GiveHints makes it easy to provide information to visitors. It is generally
not visible and it is triggered by walking through it. It keeps an internal
list of who it has given information to, so that it does not re-prompt each visitor.
GiveHints can also provide Notecards, Landmarks, Objects and other items
to your visitors.

* LMGiver 2.7
LMGiver dispenses Landmarks. It can also provide a folder of them.
It uses the same dialog driven interface as WebMon and is searchable.

* Point To Point 1.1
An intrasim teleporter. It enables you to simply click on a prim to go
from one point to another. Set the absolute (i.e. “128,128,30”) or relative
coordinates (i.e. “+z10”) to travel to. Configuration is easy: update the
Description field of the object. See the README file in the inventory.
You can also show hovertext above the object. Vary the name of the object
to change that.

* SimpleSlider 3.2
This is an auto-scrolling slide viewer. You determine the textures and interval
between slides. You may also give out a notecard that pertains to the whole
collection. There is a README file in the inventory which explains the setup.

* Slider 3.3
The Slider viewer displays textures placed in its inventory.
It can automatically flip through the whole set, with an owner specified pause
between slides.

It can also give out several types of items, on a per-texture basis.
Each texture may also lead to a different web address.

The viewer can also resize the texture and background prims on a per-texture basis.
It also provides a lot of control over aspect ratios and many other facets of
display (offsets, color, alpha, etc.).

* VideoPoster 1.2
VideoPoster is a simple case of per-person video. Place a texture named
‘screen-texture’ in the inventory, point the description at your movie and
reset the object. If you are on group land, you may need to deed the object.
There is a README file in the inventory.

Documentation for VideoPoster is at:

* VidMon 3.5
VidMon is per-person video with a menu. It is much like WebMon in that it is
easy to refer to 20 – 30 items. The sample notecard points at some video tutorials
done by Torley Linden (thanks for your kind permission Torley!). Try configuring
it to point at your own Quicktime videos. There is a README file in the inventory.
Also see the documentation for VideoPoster and WebMon, as many of the same ideas

Documentation for VidMon is at:

* WebMon 2.7
WebMon launches web addresses in an external browser.
If you want to see the documentation for WebMon – go to:

For further information, or custom scripting work, send a notecard in-world
to Bucky Barkley, or an email to Daniel Smith:

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