Second Life News: Working Worlds International Career Fair – November 27, 2008

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Join Working Worlds Thursday, November 27, for the third GAX Technologies recruiting job fair event. Working Worlds will feature some of the biggest employers in Europe and these employers will be interviewing candidates in their virtual offices. GAX Technologies has made its mark in Second Life with their hugely successful in-world Career Fairs. The Working Worlds/GAX Technologies Career Fair is held every six months and each fair has proven a larger event than the preceding one. There will be conferences and e-learning sessions at the Working Worlds in-world location to help job hunters learn more about the fair and how it will benefit them. Working Worlds promises to do its part to help ensure job seeker success.
This month’s career fair is off to an exciting start with 3,500 candidates from all over Europe. These candidates have submitted their CVs online and if you’d like to join the search, go to the Working Worlds’ website and register your CV. It’s a very easy process and and it may just lead to a career in the field of your dreams. The May 2008 fair brought 2,900 visitors; 2,767 of those were candidates filing CVs, with 600 official interviews taking place. The previous fair brought 2,000 visitors; 1,500 candidates who registered their CVs, culminating in 300 interviews. As you can see, the difference in the numbers between the first and second events was rather impressive. The amount of candidates grew immensely and the number of interviews doubled.

Cornelia den Hartog, Managing Director of ‘GAX Technologies’ and organizer of the Career Fairs, is entirely convinced; ‘The need for companies to attract new profiles from beyond the territorial limits is becoming more and more important. The ‘Working Worlds’ Career Fairs are the most efficient solutions currently available to companies without having to deploy significant resources. Our partners will be directly in touch with candidates who will not have to travel but who very well may meet their future employer “live” in Second Life’.

The Working Worlds sim gives a career-seeker the opportunity to do something she cannot do outside of a virtual world. She can get out of bed, walk to her computer, log on and be interviewed without having to change clothing or pay travel expenses to interview with recruiters from prestigious companies. These kinds of recruiting tools definitely make the impossible seem possible and they place a vast world of opportunities at the career seeker’s fingertips. It really does not get any easier than this and the results can be as rewarding for both employer and the job seeking employee. Come down and discover a creative, fulfilling and exciting world of opportunities. You are invited to come discover the career you have always wanted – it’s just a teleport away.

Date: 27 November 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 1am-12noon SLT
Venue: Grand Ducale 128,96,22

For more information regarding Working Worlds, please contact GaxDirector Weston, Managing Director of Gax Technologies and organizer
of the Career Fair, or Annette Wilder, CEO of Wilder Public Relations Firm.

Working Worlds Website:

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