Second Life Traffic Report: Fall Into Second Life’s Favorite Fortresses

September 30th, 2010  |  Published in Second Life Traffic Report

Compiled by Avarie Parker

Summer is over and Fall is here along with colder temps and colorful foliage. Second Life residents are becoming more active after a somewhat slow summer. We have seen traffic explosions at many of our Top 10 regulars, most notable is Tempura Island. For the first time this amazing build has lept to the 3rd spot on the Traffic Report. If you’re lucky you may stumble across some of Tempura’s officers decked out in full costume. The effect is stunning and only helps reinforce the already ‘zenlike’ atmosphere on the island.

SL's Tempura Island Leaps to SLENTRE.COM Top 10 Location

Other chart climbers include our favorite S&M club, House of V and Naturist Resort. Remember to leave your SL cothes at the door if you plan on stopping by this all-nude resort, CLOTHING is not optional. Moving down the charts and becoming a bit less popular is Lesbian Paradise, SLeek and our most romantic destination, Midnight Reflections.

1 Sexy Islands, Owner – Gunter Vandyke
2 Frank’s Place, Owner – Gymmy Sinatra
3 Tempura Island, Owner – kikunosuke ee
Escort Oasis, Owner – Jenwen Walpole
The 8th Element , Owner – Dakota Neumann
House of V, Owner – Vveronica Pony
Naturist Resort, Owner – Kaiya Manbi
Lesbian Paradise, Owner – vavavoom Denimore
SLeek, Owner – Hummer Corleone
Midnight Reflections, Owner – Missbehavin Neva
Stayed the same Moved up Moved down New entry

Sexy   Islands, Second Life's most popular beach.


1) Sexy Islands (Wilder Islands), Owner – Gunter Vandyke

What was once Wilder Islands has moved to Sexy Islands, Gunter Vandyke’s newest sim. Citing Linden Labs’ new rules regarding adult content and his own desire to clean up his beaches,Vandyke has remodeled the Sexy Nude Beach destination. He has replaced the XXX pose balls with more romantic cuddles and flirting animations. Residents can still find the adult content a short boat ride way on neighboring sim Xpulse.

Wilder   Islands has moved to Sexy Islands sim, neighboring Xpulse also owned by   Gunter Vandyke.










(Wilder Islands has moved to the Sexy Islands sim located near Xpulse – which is also owned by Gunter Vandyke.)

SLENTRE had a chance to ask the wildly popular SL beach owner, Gunter Vandyke, a few questions about his Second Life sim:

Avarie Parker: Which island did you develop first? How did you get your start in SL?
Gunter Vandyke: From day one, I saw the potential in SL. I worked a long time to learn how to build items in SL. I then created and opened a small shop: Vandyke Design Tools and Gadgets.
Avarie Parker: I see.
Gunter Vandyke: In early 2008 I changed my private beach on wilder island to a public beach.
Avarie Parker: Why?
Gunter Vandyke: Just for fun and to have a little traffic for my shop. But in the middle of 2008, the traffic exploded! The parcel got bigger and bigger and my previous sim owner couldn’t sell other parcels because of lag.
Avarie Parker: Were you able to make any money from it?
Gunter Vandyke: The beach itself breaks even as I always re-invest the Linden I make from it back into Sexy Islands.
Avarie Parker: So you moved your beach here and kept all the hardcore sex on your other sim. What was the reason for the change exactly?
Gunter Vandyke: More space, less lag. No laggy neighbors.
Avarie Parker: And residents can still find the same things as before? Nude avatars and people to have FUN with?
Gunter Vandyke: Sure, of course.
Avarie Parker: You said something about less sex balls – so no hardcore pose balls on this beach?
Gunter Vandyke: Correct.
Avarie Parker: Why not?
Gunter Vandyke: People can flirt here, have romantic moments
and then they can move to the neighboring sim for sex. It’s also due to the new adult rules put in place by Linden Labs.
Avarie Parker: Oh, so due to the new Linden rules you were required to separate out all the XXX adult content from this sim?
Gunter Vandyke: Yes.
Sexy   Beach owner, Gunter Vandyke, poses in front of an island waterfall.

(Sexy Beach owner Gunter Vandyke poses in front of his island waterfall.)

Among some of the new PG-rated activities that SL residents can enjoy on Sexy Islands are isolated sun bathing beaches, a stroll through an enchanted forest and hang gliding.

Hang   gliding among PG-rated activities newly available on Sexy Islands.

(Hang gliding among PG-rated activities newly available on Sexy Islands.)

Of course residents can still find the usual favorite SL pastimes on Sexy Island’s beaches. Dancing, chatting and plenty of beautiful nude avatars await your enjoyment.

Frank's Place   is the most popular club in Second Life













2) Franks Place, Owner – Gymmy Sinatra   Place, Second Life Top Destination

Frank’s Place is a 30’s style jazz club paying homage to Frank Sinatra. According to Ray Trafalgar, one of the managers, the place is packed nightly with 80+ residents. The sim also houses a mall where one can find the formal wear required to gain entrance into the club.

Formal attire   is requested at the Second Life Jazz Club, Frank's Place

(Formal attire is requested at the Second Life Jazz Club, Frank’s Place)

We try hard to keep the formal attire enforced and have a security of some 25 to keep it that way, says Trafalgar. “If you enjoy the music of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and the Rat Pack, then this is your place.

3) Tempura Island, Owner – kikunosuke eel

Tempura Island’s official website describes the sim as “a beautiful island in a virtual world.” It claims to offer ‘ultimate love and healing’ to Second Life adults. The island is a tribute to what a skillful 3D builder can accomplish, incorporating amazing attention to detail. There are beautiful gardens, fountains, an ornate castle and even an underground cave.

(A flying dragon soars above the beautifully landscaped gardens on Tempura Island.)

As with any private sim, there are list of rules that must be followed in order to ensure a peaceful and relaxed experience for all visitors. I must admit I was completely enthralled by the buildings, the lighting and interesting population of international residents. I even happened upon a flying dragon, increasing my fascination with this mesmerizing second life island.

(Tempura Islands main castle boasts a finely detailed ballroom.)

The castle contains a grand ballroom with beautifully designed chandeliers and detailed cieling.

(The incredibly ornate ceiling hovers above the main ballroom dance floor.)

The rules within the ballroom are a bit more restrictive to ensure a proper atmosphere is honored there. They include:

  • Do not interfere with the guests dancing in the ball room.
  • Do not make any unpleasant chat through main chat that spoils the party.
  • Away from keyboard is not allowed in the hall.
  • When you propose dancing, please use IM. Making a pass aggressively is prohibited.
  • Any casual clothing is prohibited (such as swimming trunks only).

Escort Oasis   makes SLENTRE Traiffic report
4) Escort Oasis , Owner – Jenwen Walpole

Escort Oasis is our newest edition to the Traffic Report. Boasting a very high traffic volume and abstaining from the use of any bots or campers, the sim is filled with sexy avatars day and nights.
The sprawling   shopping mall on Escort Oasis sim houses everything an avatar needs to   be intimate.
(The sprawling shopping mall on Escort Oasis sim houses everything an avatar needs to be intimate.)

The owner is one of the few in SL that allows all dancers and escorts to keep 100% of all tips. Also, the use of all private rooms and skyboxes is completely free. The sim houses a popular dance and escort club and a sprawling shopping mall.

Escort Oasis   dancer, Danyta Auster, earns some linden working the pole.

(Escort Oasis dancer, Danyta Auster, earns some linden working the pole.)

Danyta Auster dances at the club almost daily and is pleased to be able to keep all of her tips. As for her opinion of the owner, Danyta had this to say, “I think the owner is very generous”. It’s rare that such a popular sim would allow the dancers to keep their earnings and be able to dance and use the facilities for free. Bravo Escort Oasis! We’re sure with this attitude you’ll keep SL residents coming back for years to come.

The 8th Element  offers a spacious dance floor and DJ booth.













5) The 8th Element , Owner – Dakota Neumann

The 8th Element, owned by Dakota Neumann, is a large dance club where one can find music, modern design, parties, and live DJ’s.

SL's 8th Element offers a spacious dance floor.

(8th Element Club in Second Life offers a spacious dance floor.)

The newly designed club, created by Dakota Neumann himself, evokes a sense of modern sophistication. The only complaint: lag. It is often so busy with Second Life scenesters that just getting to the dance floor can be problematic.

The 8th Element  offers a spacious dance floor and DJ booth.

(The 8th Element puts the DJ booth front and center.)

Mr. Neumann was nice enough to sit down with SLENTRE.COM to discuss the club’s continuing success:

Avarie Parker: Your club grows more popular month after month and when I first did an article on it, it was a topless club. Were you the owner then, and if so, why did you change the format??

Dakota Neumann: I have always been the owner, yes. This club is the 6th in a row – first one was built in spring 2006. It was originally a dance-topless club. I did change it for strategic reasons and it’s been a great decision. GOL is a large company; 18 sims, residential islands and design sales. I wanted to cut any connection with sex.

AP: Do you own all 18 sims?

DN: Yes.

AP: So as you cut back on the sexual element, the success of the club increased?

DN: I have to say the club has always been successful, but now it’s consistently popular. It’s a pure dance club now with nothing – no shops or anything else – to increase traffic. We don’t have events and we don’t give out money.

AP: I love the design. Who designed and built it?

DN: I do the design and build all the projects on my sims. All of GOL was born because of my passion for the design and architecture. I build a new club every 6 months, changing styles along the way. That way we are always offering something new. So we can evolve.

AP: So why do people keep returning to the club?

DN: It’s a mixture – djs, great manager, cool environment. Many managers and staff have been with the club since the very beginning in 2006. It’s like a family.

House of V hosts slave auctions in Second Life

6 ) Chained Lust ( House of V), Owner – Vveronic Pony

House of V on the Chained Lust sim is one of the most popular BDSM clubs in Second Life. Closed to anyone under 18, the club works to ensure that all who participate in activities here are willing participants and not innocent victims. There is a large billboard with the following warning:

Every Tuesday and Friday is Member’s Day. Any paid up House of V member or Gold member can claim the free use of anybody they find at House of V on Tuesdays and Fridays (Midnight to Midnight SLT). This includes HoV escorts, dancers, staff, friends, and non-member visitors.

The only people who can say no are House of V members, Gold members, HoV Concierges, DJs and HoV Officers. The only safe places are the landing and vendor areas! If you don’t want to be used, we advise you leave or stay in the safe area.

Duration of any session is 30 minutes minimum.


18 and under not allowed at House of V in Second Life

So what does the term ‘free use’ mean exactly? I had a chance to talk to Ebony Takacs, House of V Concierge, for the juicy details:

“We are a rather friendly bunch – it IS BDSM sim of course, but I feel residents come here for the chatter and the obvious – to dance, hang out, and have fun. It’s open not only to those in Dom/Sub but for anyone who likes to play and follow the rules. I will say that its best for members on Tuesdays and Fridays. On those days, members are able to claim others – sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

For 30 minutes a member can claim you as a sub and you do what she asks.

This can often mean something as innocent as dancing. However, this is an adult sim, so other things happen as well.

I like it because you never know from day to night what you might see.”

House of V Concierge, Ebony Takacs dances while working at the club.

(House of V Concierge, Ebony Takacs dances while working at the club.)

Do you make money here?

“Honestly, Tuesdays and Fridays? Not much. Other days more.

I must admit I have worked and not gotten paid much,

but I have made up to 2 or 3,000L ($8.00 -$12.00). But trust me, this is not common.

It is fun to work here. That and the people I interact with outweigh the money I make.

At the House of V, come out and enjoy dom/subs, beasts, your fantasy – this is what it means to me.

Per usual, you won’t find camping chairs, free lindens, automated avatars, or “bots” listed in any of the SLENTRE.COM’s top 10 sites. The weekly population data was compiled by a 3rd party source and then reviewed to exclude any sites that engage in tactics designed to boost traffic rankings. What remains is an accurate listing of where real Second Life residents are dancing, chatting, spending Lindens, and enjoying their second lives.

7) Naturist Resort, Owner – Kaiya Manbi

Naturist Resort offers a beautiful garden and outdoor area for those wishing to romp nude in SL. They politely ask that no clothing be worn, no erections be displayed and no public sex chat. A bit on the prude side for a mature sim.

The land has many waterfalls, interesting cuddles and poses and wild animals to make you feel one with nature.

(Naturist Resort guard, Antaeus Aeon, keeps everyone’s clothes OFF!)

I was able to get my questions answer by one of the Naturist Resort guards, Antaeus Aeon. He said that most “residents come by for the ambiance, those who have been in SL for awhile and enjoy the calm vibe of the place.” He added that the nudity factor draws many ‘newbies’ looking for “thrills and spills, howver they soon leave disappointed.”

(The Naturist Resort team photos are displayed on the island.)

The sim doesn’t allow any clothing and Antaeus was kind enough to let me kno for a visit without getting naked. He said his most important job is to make sure that visitors “get nekkid, basically”.

8) Lesbian Paradise, Owner – vavavoom Denimore 1

Lesbian Paradise offers a sprawling dance floor, beachfront lounging and several storefronts. The ‘All-Women’ sim offers a special event every Friday that runs 5pm-9pm slt. They also have live DJ’s daily with contests every two hours from 5 am to 11pm.

(The dance floor is nestled between lush landscaping and sandy beaches.)

(Stylish seating area off the Lesbian Paradise main dance floor.)

The entire island is women only, NO MEN ALLOWED. There’s always a multitude of dancing lesbians so if you’re looking for the right girl, Lesbian Paradise is for you.

SLeek Beach   Club, newest addition to the SLENTRE.Com Top 10 Locations in Second   Life

9) SLeek, Owner – Hummer Corleone

SLeek is the newest club to hit the SLENTRE.COM Traffic Report. The vibe is fresh and international and there seemed to be many chats going on in languages other than English.DJ Jasmine spins   funky house electronica at SLeek, Second Life dance club

(DJ Janine Cummings spins funky house electronica at SLeek, Second Life dance club)

Club manager and SLeek DJ, Janine Cummings, was happy to answer a few questions about the club and why it’s so popular among residents:

Avarie Parker: Why do residents come to the club?

Janine Cummings: Residents come here to dance, talk and meet other people from over the world. A lot of people simply hangout at the beach area, which is packed with people windsurfing, parasailing, kite boarding, swimming and a wide range of activities to discover.

AP: What is the music like?

JC: We’re focused on House music and have a wide range of DJs playing here from all over the world.

AP: How long have you been DJing at SLeek?

JC: I DJ very rarely, because I am too busy with other projects in SL. I do the DJ bookings for the Club. I work in the music business in RL, so it’s interesting for me to spot new talent in SL.

AP: How long has the club been around?

JC: SLeek has existed for two years now. The actual location (Region) has been around since February 2007.

AP: Do you make good money?

JC: I guess the fact that that the club has continued running for two years speaks for itself.

AP: Why did the owner open the club?

JC: SLeek is not only a dance Club. Hummer Corleone (Owner) runs his Furniture and Gym Equipment business on the Sim and some selected shops featuring the best designers in SL (including Sartoria Traveller Bade [Men’s Clothing], Wrong [Women’s Clothing], Kalnins [Eyewear], SOREAL, Akeyo, Hyperion Studio [Shapes], Concrete [Urban Wear] and RE.ACT).

AP:What are the best nights to come out?

JC: We run events with changing life-DJ’s every Day in European peak time (12-04 PM SLT).

Top 10   newcomer, Midnight Reflections

10 ) Midnight Reflection, Owner – Missbehavin Neva

Midnight Reflection is a sim that boasts “love and romance”. It is decorated with lush foliage and beautiful waterfalls. The center of activity is the large dance floor nestled among the high clifftops. A pathway runs along the upper ledge of the rocks making for beautiful views and a nice romantic getaway from the action on the dance floor. The owner, Missbehavin, is very friendly, accessible and willing to answer questions.Second Life   Resident on the dance floor at Midnight Reflections

(Monet Bury sports her new frock on the dance floor at the Midnight Reflection sim)

One resident, Money Bury, makes Midnight Reflections a major part of her regular stomping grounds.”I love it here! They have many dances and events. Most everyone is rather friendly and there is always someone here. Evenings they have events, contests, a live DJ and theme nights.”

*This report was compiled using the powerful mapping tools provided by Mappa Novus, Their in-house data collection technology regularly collects population data for each region of the Second Life metaverse. The data is stored over time so various statistical analyses can be made. Any sim that offers camping, free-lindens, or bots is disqualified.

Naturist Resort, Owner – Kaiya Manbi

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