Second Life Traffic Report: Fashion Forces It’s Way Up The Charts

February 4th, 2009  |  Published in Second Life Traffic Report, SL Entrepreneur Magazine

Compiled by Avarie Parker

There are some big changes in this months Traffic Report. Fashion has emerged as a force and Frank’s Place has fallen to position #2 on our charts. And for the first time in the history of the SLENTRE.COM Traffic Report, we have a new #1 – The 6th Element. The recently renovated club designed by Dakota Neumann has been attracting crowds of Second Life residents since it’s inception. This is the first month that those crowds have exceeded the numbers of visitors to the starkly contrasting Frank’s Place. Frank’s offers up a more traditional and formal experience, enforcing a dress code and playing music from the era of Frank Sinatra.

The big winners on the charts this month are the fashion houses of Redgrave and Bare Rose. Once again a Traffic Report first, these shopping destinations have attracted enough shoppers to make it onto the charts without using campers to artificially inflate traffic numbers. It appears that the belabored economy hasn’t slowed down Second Life consumers and in fact may have even caused a spike in virtual shopping. Redgrave Women’s and Men’s Fashion has been around for many years and offers Second Life residents exquisitely designed clothing and skins. Bare Rose is the ‘new kid on the block’ and attracts shoppers with the sheer magnitude of items they sell at bargain basement prices.

The losers this week include Second Life clubs SLeek and Sanctuary Rock, who were both pushed off the charts, as well as the club Badlands, dropping a few spots this month. Chart regulars such as Laguna Bay, Midnight Reflections, and role play sims Kingdoms of Sand and Remembrance, remained steady. Our ‘Worst of the Best‘ feature this month goes to Emerald Bay, who ranked as the 500th most visited sim. Owned by Felicity Overlord, the sim houses shops, ancient ruins and an exciting, hidden dungeon.

Per usual, you won’t find camping chairs, free lindens, automated avatars, or “bots” listed in any of the SLENTRE.COM’s top 10 sites. The weekly population data was compiled by a 3rd party source and then reviewed to exclude any sites that engage in tactics designed to boost traffic rankings. What remains is an accurate listing of where real Second Life residents are dancing, chatting, spending Lindens, and enjoying their second lives.

1 SL Location moving up the chart The 6th Element , Owner – Dakota Neumann
2 Frank’s Place, Owner – Gymmy Sinatra
3 SL Location holding steady Wilder Islands, Owner – Gunter Vandyke
SL Location holding steady Laguna Bay, Owner -Martin Mounier
SL Location holding steady Purgatorio, Owner – Kora Zenovka
SL Location moving up the chart Remembrance, Owner – Luxa Budan
SL Location moving up the chart Midnight Reflections, Owner – Missbehavin Neva
Redgrave, Owner – Emilia Redgrave
Badlands, Owner – Jesse Murdock
Bare Rose, Owner – June Dion
Emerald Bay, Owner – Felicity Overlord
Stayed the same Moved up Moved down New entry

The 6th Element's newly designed entrance is worth the visit alone according to SL resident Symon Chesnokov














1) The 6th Element , Owner – Dakota Neumann 8/128/128/20

The 6th Element, owned by Dakota Neumann, is a large dance club where one can find music, modern design, parties, and live DJ’s.

Bar area just off the main dance floor offers an excellent opportinity to people watch.

(5th Element Club in Second Life offers dancing and intimate areas to chat.) The newly designed club, created by Dakota Neumann himself, evokes a sense of modern sophistication. The only complaint: lag. It is often so busy with Second Life scenesters that just getting to the dance floor can be problematic. SLENTRE.COM recently profiled The 6th Element, outlining the new design elements and getting up close and personal with the owner.

The 6th Element's new dance floor sprawls beneath the open sky peaking through the modern rooftop

(The 6th Element’s new dance floor sprawls beneath the open sky peaking through the modern rooftop)

Mr. Neumann was nice enough to sit down with SLENTRE.COM to discuss the club’s continuing success:

Avarie Parker: Your club grows more popular month after month and when I first did an article on it, it was a topless club. Were you the owner then and if so, why did you change the format??

Dakota Neumann: I have always been the owner, yes. This club is the 6th in a row – first one was built in spring 2006. It was originally a dance-topless club. I did change it for strategic reasons and it’s been a great decision. GOL is a large company; 18 sims, residential islands and design sales. I wanted to cut any connection with sex.

AP: Do you own all 18 sims?

DN: Yes.

AP: So as you cut back on the sexual element, the success of the club increased?

DN: I have to say the club has always been successful, but now it’s consistently popular. It’s a pure dance club now with nothing – no shops or anything else – to increase traffic. We don’t have events and we don’t give out money.

AP: I love the design. Who designed and built it?

DN: I do the design and build all the projects on my sims. All of GOL was born because of my passion for the design and architecture. I build a new club every 6 months, changing styles along the way. That way we are always offering something new. So we can evolve.

AP: So why do people keep returning to the club?

DN: It’s a mixture – djs, great manager, cool environment. Many managers and staff have been with the club since the very beginning in 2006. It’s like a family.

Frank's Place is the most popular club in Second Life










2) Franks Place, Owner – Gymmy Sinatra Place, Second Life Top Destination

Frank’s Place is a 30’s/40’s style jazz club paying homage to Frank Sinatra. According to Ray Trafalgar, one of the managers, the place is packed nightly with 80+ residents. The sim also houses a mall where one can find the formal wear required to gain entrance into the club.

Formal attire is requested at the Second Life Jazz Club, Frank's Place

(Formal attire is requested at the Second Life Jazz Club, Frank’s Place)

“We try hard to keep the formal attire enforced and have a security of some 25 to keep it that way,” says Trafalgar. “If you enjoy the music of Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and the Rat Pack, then this is your place.”

Wilder Island's beaches house many sexy pose balls, palm trees and waterfalls in Second Life.









3) Wilder Islands, Owner – Gunter Vandyke

Self described as ‘one of the best nude beaches in Second Life’, Wilder Islands is sure to deliver. The wildly popular sim offers ‘free sex of all kinds’, dancing, windsurfing and MANY ‘areas for intimate moments’. Wilder Islands has rocketed up the charts making it’s debut as the #3 most popular sim in Second Life. The sim consists of a lovely landscaped beach, palm trees and sexy pose balls.

Sign posted to all Wilder Islands visitors, requests no clothes or swimwear only.

(Sign posted to all Wilder Island’s visitors requests no clothes or swimwear only.)

There are signs posted on the beach imploring visitors to wear swim suits or nothing at all as street clothes are not permitted. Just the thing if you are looking for a quickie on the sand with a stranger. And apparently Second Life is still filled with many residents who are fixated on sex. No surprise as the platform offers complete anonymity along with free voice chat and incredible graphics and animation.

Mactabilis Gravois claims that Second Life residents visit the islands to make new friends.

(Mactabilis Gravois discusses why Second Life residents visit the islands.)

But despite the obvious sexual lure, SL resident Mactabilis Gravois claims that visitors to the islands are more interested in making friends than hooking up: “Most people come here to find friends”.

Laguna Bay Nude Beach, Top Destination in Second Life



4) Laguna Bay Nude Beach, Owner – Martin Mounier Bay Nude Beach, Top Destination in Second Life

Laguna Bay Nude Beach is an adult sim that is heavily populated with unclothed and clothed avatars alike.Laguna Bay Nude Beach, Top Destination in Second Life










There are many ocean side areas to chat, cuddle, sun bath, etc.

Kingdoms of Sand Action Role Play in Second Life

5) Purgatorio, Owner – Kora Kenovka

Purgatorio is home to the very popular Kingdom of Sand action role-play game. As with most Second Life role play adventures, Kingdom of Sand has an extensive set of rules and a complex storyline. You can read more about both on their website.Map of Kingdom of Sand sim, Purgatorio in Second Life

(Map of Ireem, home to Kingdom of Sand’s fictional storyline on Purgatorio in Second Life)

The game is based around the Arabian fantasy city of Ireem, lending an exotic and breathtaking backdrop for the virtual role play. One of the participants, Keil Ansar, was nice enough to take a few minutes to chat with me out of character.Kingdoms of Sand Action Role Player, keil Ansar(Kingdoms of Sand Action Role Player, keil Ansar )

Avarie Parker: So how long have you been a member of this role play?

Keil Ansar: I have been enjoying this game for about 5 months now. I am a gardener and a citizen and so I don’t participate in battles.

AP: What’s the goal of the game?

KA: The goal is to have fun! Men and women joke around all day like kids and become very good friends. I very much enjoy the community and the sim itself is SO beautiful. I love to just wander around looking at the beautiful scenery.

Nor Sim - 2 players interact in the second life roleplay

6) Remembrance, Owner – Luxa Budan

Remembrance, or NOR sim, is one of 12 islands housing a dark roleplay and combat sim. According to Savina Decosta, who has been playing for over a year, the primary goal is to defeat other players and gain power.

Sevina Decosta, Second Life roleplay player

( Savina Decosta, group leader)

She is a Lycan and “fights with her claws.”

Nor roleplay sin in Second Life

(The city and combat area on the Nor sim)

When asked if there are there public battles, Savina replied; “Yes, HUGE public battles”.


Top 10 newcomer, Midnight Reflections

7 ) Midnight Reflection, Owner – Missbehavin Neva

Midnight Reflection is a sim that boasts “love and romance”. It is decorated with lush foliage and beautiful waterfalls. The center of activity is the large dance floor nestled among the high clifftops. A pathway runs along the upper ledge of the rocks making for beautiful views and a nice romantic getaway from the action on the dance floor. The owner, Missbehavin, is very friendly, accessible and willing to answer questions.Second Life Resident on the dance floor at Midnight Reflections

(Monet Bury sports her new frock on the dance floor at the Midnight Reflection sim)

One resident, Money Bury, makes Midnight Reflections a major part of her regular stomping grounds.”I love it here! They have many dances and events. Most everyone is rather friendly and there is always someone here. Evenings they have events, contests, a live DJ, and theme nights.”

Redgrave Men's and Women's fashions in Second Life offer high-quality designer clothing and skins.











8 ) Redgrave, Owner – Emilia Redgrave

Redgrave Women’s and Men’s Fashion has become synonomous with high-quality, Second Life skins and clothing. Most residents would agree that if you need a stunning outfit for a night out on the town, Redgrave is the place to shop. More recently, designer Emilia Redgrave has been trying her hand at skin creation with great success. Every time I visit, the sim is crowded with eager SL residents wanting to upgrade their look. Several of the skins are named after the celebrities they represent – including Tyra Banks, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.

Redgrave Skins are some of the most realistic but expect to pay several thousand linden.

(Redgrave Skins are some of the most realistic, but SL residents can expect to pay about $1000.00 linden for each look.)

Bad Girls Club, Top Destination Second Life

9) Badlands, Owner – Jesse Murdock

Badlands hosts Bad Girls club, one of SL’s most popular nightclubs.
Bad Girls Club, Top Destination Second Life
Floating above the packed dance floor is an intimate private area to chat and escape the crowd.

Bare Rose Tokyo, Second Life's newest fashion house boasts thousands of designs for very reasonable prices.














10) Bare Rose, Owner – June Dion

The newest force in Second Life fashion is Bare Rose Tokyo. They house thousands of finely detailed items for very reasonable prices. Most of their outfits come with multiple colors and pieces so residents can mix and match. Don’t let the low prices fool you; the clothes are well-made and come in a wide variety of styles.

Bare Rose's wall of fashion towers over SL residents with literally thousands of available outfits.

(Bare Rose’s wall of fashion towers over SL residents with literally thousands of available outfits.)

The gardens and ruins of Emerald Bay in Second Life.

500) Emerald Bay, Owner – Felicity Overlord

This months ‘best of the worst’ goes to Emerald Bay. The sim, created by Felicity Overlord, hosts beautiful gardens, shops, ancient ruins and even a pirate ship making it a poor man’s version of the popular Gardens of Apollo. One benefit of Emerald Bay is that it isn’t strictly PG and the sim houses a hidden underwater dungeon complete with many XXX pose balls.

Entrance to the hidden, underwater dungeon on the Emerald Bay sim.

(Entrance to the hidden, underwater dungeon on the Emerald Bay sim.)

The sim is usually vacant, making it a perfect place for an intimate encounter, as long as you already have a willing victim. While taking photos, I stumbled across a couple that obviously wanted some privacy. While the dungeon isn’t the main focus of the sim, the dungeon’s solitude and it’s ample pose balls makes for a worthwhile visit.

Felicity Overlord, Owner and Creator of Emerald Bay sim in Second Life.

(Felicity Overlord, Owner and Creator of Emerald Bay sim in Second Life.)

Above the islands float the shops of Felicity Overlord. They offer visitors jewelry, shoes, pre-fab houses and even a lover’s grotto. According to Felicity, “There are approximately 2,000 visitors per month and most return. The main purpose is to visit the gardens or to shop.”

The shops on Emerald Bay float well above the island in order to preserve the natural form of the land below.

(The shops on Emerald Bay float well above the island in order to preserve the natural form of the land below.)

Visitors can also rent out the private pirate ship, which is housed on 5000 sq m. It includes a private castle tower complete with dancing, romantic pose balls and gardens. The rates are reasonable at only $50L per hour per person or $500L per day.

*This report was compiled using the powerful mapping tools provided by Mappa Novus, Their in-house data collection technology regularly collects population data for each region of the Second Life metaverse. The data is stored over time so various statistical analyses can be made. Any sim that offers camping, free-lindens, or bots is disqualified.

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