SLENTRE.COM Sponsor: Welcome Legend City Online, SLentrepreneur’s Newest Sponsor

October 29th, 2008  |  Published in Second Life News  |  2 Comments

Be sure to check out Legend City Online by clicking on their animated gif at the WWW.SLENTRE.COM home page. Legend City Online are a new independently-operated virtual community based on OpenSim software. They sell open space starting at $25 usd for 65,536 sq. m, single regions for $100 usd and private mini grids for only $500 usd. It’s very simple to register; just login and become a member of this new and exciting community.

SLENTRE.COM is currently seeking other companies that would like to sponsor the magazine. We offer several packages and we are more than happy to customize our offerings at your request. Details on the types of exposure we offer via our website and inworld can be found on our Advertiser Information page (


  1. Rhonan Morrisey says:

    December 14th, 2008at 7:29 am(#)

    Avoid Legend City, or at least their main owner, as their attitude towards people that wont do exactly as LaLa Legend wants is frankly disgusting.

  2. LovingLegendCity! says:

    December 27th, 2008at 2:36 pm(#)

    I’ve gone to legend city and joined there 3monts ago just as they went online..True it was a bit of a “ruff go” but since then I am just as comfortable there as in Secondlife….
    Be it as it may, there are some features that secondlife has but not legend city, however i find it very refreshing to NOT have constant IMs,Constant group chatter,witch hunts,griefers (unlink Rhonan). I do recall meeting you once inworld Rhonan and you weren’t very polite to me so im sure whatever you did to lala legend you got the response deserved.
    I in fact met lala on serveral occassions and was a bit of an arse in attitude being a little frustrated at something that didnt work for me and she went far beyond being a grid owner and stayed with me 1hour until the matter was resolved and was OVERLY polite to me the entire time. I admit i was being a true arse but she never lowered her professional state to address me in any other way than professional. AS FOR THE CITY ITSELF? omg, just too overwelmed at its great improvements and amazed by the numerous ppl joining so rapidly. EVERYONE if you are looking for a coolies place to hangout to get away from the madness … is your place… Im glad that someone has done this outside of the greedy lindens