Second Life Business: Second Life Presses Multilanguage Advantage

March 25th, 2009  |  by  |  published in SL Business

Internationalization? Localization? Whatever you call it, it means going beyond the boundaries of English, especially for Second Life New Registrations and Support. That was the focus topic of the Solution Provider Internationalization Forum held March 19th on SLDEV Island, featuring Keynote Speakers Danica Linden and Noelle Linden. Explains Danica, “SL’s international positioning is a top […]

Second Life Machinima Video Report: Draxtor Despres on Public Good Challenge

October 8th, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Machinima Video Reports

The Public Good Challenge issued by the Network Culture Project has challenged Second Life enthusiasts to come up with ways in which the virtual world can benefit the global community. The Network Culture Project is a group of faculty, students and staff who explore the cultural implications of new media technologies through research. The NCP […]

Second Life Jobs Editorial: Second Life Camping, “The upside”

April 24th, 2008  |  by  |  published in Second Life Jobs

By Enoch Wozniak, Founder of The Society of Enoch Camping in SL refers to the act of keeping an avatar in one location or on a particular piece of property for a period of time in exchange for pay or products. It is a very common means of making money in SL and many people […]