The Meta-Village SLENTRE.COM SL500 September Edition Download Available

October 1st, 2008  |  Published in Second Life Money


SLentrepreneur Magazine subscribers can now download the latest report here: The number of total visits last month decreased, shrinking from 22,866,614 in August to a total of 20,434,298 in September. The highest number of visitors this year was recorded in March with a total of 27,146,121 visits. The following month registered an all-time low when April 2008 visits dropped to 17,277,012.

Still no further news from Linden Labs on changing the way they rank SL location popularity.

Any proposed changes involving camping and bots that might curtail artificial population data would constitute a move toward obtaining more accurate visitor data. You can read more about this in the following post : Some observers fear that this would deflate already skewed visitor stats, leaving many SL residents broke. The majority of parcels in the top 50 are locations advocating camping and that take advantage of bot technology to boost their rankings. If you are looking for a more accurate picture of where residents actually spend their time, check out the Weekly Traffic Report – SL’ s Top 10 Locations . This report offers a look at sims that do not allow camping and thus are truly attracting large Second Life crowds.

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